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  • Just as iron sharpens iron, friends sharpen the minds of each other.

    ~ Proverbs 27:17 (Contemporary English Version) - Posted By: anonymous

  • Never let loyalty and kindness leave you! Tie them around your neck as a reminder. Write them deep within your heart. Then you will find favor with both God and people, and you will earn a good reputation.

    ~ Proverbs 3:3 - 4 (New Living Translation) - Posted By: anonymous

  • Give freely and become more wealthy; be stingy and lose everything.

    ~ Proverbs 11:24 (New Living Translation) - Posted By: anonymous

  • Even hell holds no secrets from God - do you think he can't read human hearts?

    ~ Proverbs 15:11 (The Message) - Posted By: anonymous

  • Make hay while the sun shines, that's smart; go fishing during harvest, that's stupid.

    ~ Proverbs 10:5 (The Message) - Posted By: anonymous

  • The loafer says, "There's a lion on the loose! If I go out I'll be eaten alive!"

    ~ Proverbs 22:13 (The Message) - Posted By: anonymous

  • Saying foolish things is like setting a trap to destroy yourself.

    ~ Proverbs 18:7 (Contemporary English Version) - Posted By: anonymous

  • Don't answer the foolish arguments of fools, or you will become as foolish as they are.

    ~ Proverbs 26:4 (New Living Translation) - Posted By: anonymous


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